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Extrasensory Software has been providing the highest quality products to the Clipper community for over 30 years.

Music Operations Manager
      Music scheduling for radio stations.

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      The best Serial Communications library for Clipper ever.

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Faxual II
Faxing from Clipper. Send faxes containing any font or graphics using any Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem (most Hayes compatible fax modems). Now available in a 4 port version, send 4 faxes at the same time from 1 Clipper program. Contact Sales for sales and upgrade information.

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Mr. Edit
Memoediting without limits. Mr. Edit enables you to add the features you've always wished memoedit() contained. You'll have Cut, Copy, Paste, Search and Replace implemented in your applications in an hour or two.

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      Browse your Clipper DBF files using any RDD

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PS Error
      A replacement error system for Clipper. Makes it easier than ever to find and correct run-time errors in your Clipper applications.

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      Faxing from your Clipper applications using a resident CAS manager (commonly part of network fax servers).

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The PostScript Library for Clipper
Postscript printing from your Clipper applications. If you have access to a PostScript printer The PostScript Library will allow you to do more faster than you've ever imagined. The only complaint we've ever received about this library is it didn't do PCL.

Download PostScript Library Demo

DES encryption for your Clipper applications. Will only be delivered to US addresses. The most secure encryption available for your Clipper application. Works with Summer 87 through 5.2E. Please read the doc file before ordering. DEScrypt works exactly as described, which may be far from what you need. It is not generally suitable for encrypting databases. DES requires that you keep the whole encrypted string returned by it's encryption functions. That string will ALWAYS be a multiple of 8 characters long which means if you encrypt a 27 character field in a database and store the result back into that 27 character field you will have lost your data. In order to successfully encrypt and then decrypt that field you will have to make it 32 characters long.

View DESCrypt documentation

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