Welcome to the Extrasensory Software, Inc. web page. Extrasensory Software has been providing tools to Clipper programmers for almost 25 years. Of course the number of Clipper programmers left is small, maybe even microscopic. But because I still consider it likely to be the best business application development language there is, we're still here.

In the years 1992 - 1995, Telepathy, our Serial Communication library for Clipper, won 10 Database Advisor Readers Choice awards: four for Best Telecommunications Product for a Database Manager; three for Best Technical Support, two for Best Clipper Add-on; and one for Best Documentation.

Even in 2023, we still sell and support all of our products for Clipper along with offering consulting services for those needing help with Clipper or those needing help moving legacy systems from Clipper to something more modern. Recently we've helped a few companies extract FlexFile data into something useful, we'd be happy to help you with things like that too.

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    music scheduling software for radio stations

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We sell Zaino Show Car Polish

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