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MOM (Music Operations Manager) is the best Music Scheduling Software for your radio station. Easy-to-use, versatile, and remarkably inexpensive!
Some of MOM's features
Fast, accurate log generation
Unlimited number of Music Categories
Unlimited number of Hour Clocks
Unlimited number of Songs
Song Histories — plays per month for the last 11 months and the last 100 plays of each song
Completely flexible user definable Music Log printouts
Only $119 buyout, the best price in the industry!
Completely flexible user definable Music Library printouts
Vertical Separation of Artists up to 999 minutes
Vertical separation of Separation Categories up to 99 minutes
Horizontal Separation of up to four days
A different day clock for every day of the week and a different week clock for every special occasion
Up to 39 Separation Categories.  We promise that if you can clearly explain why you need more, we'll increase it and give you the new version for free!
Packets support playing multiple songs as one for even more flexible scheduling
Prevent any Separation Category from following any other Separation Category
Prevent songs from the same CD from playing back-to-back
Customizable Music Log Reject Order (prioritizes the order of the rules used for rejecting songs)
Speed-keys to help speed up your data entry process
View Music Library by order played, artist name, last name, song title or song length in either forward or reverse order
Automatically move a song in and out of rotation on your schedule. 
Automatically move a song to a new category on a date in the future.
Export and import music categories to exchange with other users
Add free form notes to any song
MOM exports to many Automation systems:


Ots Juke DJ



DRS 2006


Scott Systems

AirControl NT


Audio Vault

Dalet Automation

Format Sentry

Generic .M3U or .MP3 list


If yours isn't here, ask and we'll probably add it within a day or three.

MOM's Music Log Editor features
Easily insert/delete/replace songs and stopsets
Instantly swap the position of any two songs
One key locates the next play of a song
One key displays the last 100 plays of the current song
Highlight all the plays of any one song
Highlight all the songs from one Music or Separation Category
View music filtered by separation category
Completely user-definable display format
One key toggles the display of stop sets to let you see more music per screen
And a lot our free demo to see for yourself!

If you have any questions regarding MOM 3.31 or would like to purchase MOM for your station, please call Extrasensory Software between 10:00AM and 4:30PM (Pacific Time) at (310) 478-4092 or  e-mail Sales .

Once you have tried MOM, you'll never want to be without her!

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